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Jeff Goldsmith provides strategic advice to an extraordinary array of clients in a variety of industries, academia, and government.  For over forty years, Jeff has continued to help advise and navigate leaders on result driven strategy.

The scope of his services include, but not limited to: regional competitive analysis, ambulatory care planning and development, strategic planning and healthcare finance strategy.

In addition, Jeff has supported prominent national consulting organizations, including Ernst and Young and Navigant.

“What if the Crowd is Wrong” - University of Chicago | FEB 23, 2016


“For more than four decades, Jeff Goldsmith’s masterful analysis of the future of American healthcare has guided healthcare system leaders through turmoil and change. Jeff’s vast experience, insightful wit and deep industry knowledge helps organizations think ahead with greater clarity. Jeff is unafraid to challenge conventional wisdom and brings deep research and superb communication skills to illuminate the path ahead. I have known Jeff for more than three decades as fellow futurist, colleague and friend, I always learn from him, even when we may disagree.”
Ian Morrison, PhD
Menlo Park. California
“Jeff Goldsmith is the doyen of health care analysts. No one knows the past, present and future of how America's health system works as well as Jeff. In his writing and his many speaking appearances (and I'm glad to say frequently on THCB), for decades Jeff has provided an unparalleled level of clarity on the breadth and depth of how all aspects of the health care system work and of how the future of health care will evolve.”
Matthew Holt
Founder, The Healthcare Blog

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