Medicine is a Human Service

His inspiring and thought provoking keynotes have stimulated and influenced many, as he focuses on healthcare and it’s need to focus on delivering value to the people.

Jeff Goldsmith is a nationally recognized keynote speaker at healthcare meetings, Board leadership retreats and industry forums as well as an academic lecturer on healthcare management, both in the United States and overseas.  His presentations are vivid, colorful and thought-provoking.  They look forward anywhere from a month to twenty years and do not shy away from unfashionable ideas or opinions.

"The Future of Healthcare" - Sao Paola, Brazil | JAN 30, 2023
What Makes a Health System?
Digital Health
The Future of Physicians
Recent Keynotes/Panels

Jeff speaks on the future of healthcare and hits on topics that challenge the thinking of healthcare professionals around the world.  

  • Adobe
  • Anderson Labs (Ukraine)
  • Baptist Health (AR)
  • Hackensack Meridian Health System (NJ)
  • International Federation of Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • MaineHealth
  • New Hampshire Hospital Association
  • Overlake Medical Center (WA)
  • Penn Highlands Healthcare
  • Roche Diagnostics
  • Kettering Health (OH)


“Jeff Goldsmith has been and continues to be our go-to person for peering into the future and helping our members prepare for it. No one has his track record of accurately assessing what is on the horizon and giving hospitals and health systems the tools they need to thrive in any new environment. “
Stephen Michaud
President, Maine Hospital Association
“I’ve repeatedly relied on Jeff to share his deep understanding and prophetic insights into the future of healthcare in my leadership groups and investment entities. He is an expert navigator helping to decipher the increasingly complex healthcare sector landscape.”
Bill Frist, MD
Former Majority Leader, US Senate
Founder, Frist/Cressey Ventures

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