Jeff Goldsmith believes in the power of mentoring.  Throughout his career he was fortunate to be mentored by some of the great thinkers in health administration, consulting and academia.  One of his most influential mentors was Peter Drucker considered the founder of modern management.

Jeff believes mentorship is a way to influence the future and “pay it forward”, passing on the knowledge and benefits he was bestowed onto the next generation of influencers.

Jeff’s knowledge and insight in healthcare trends, healthcare political analysis, and healthcare futurist makes him a valuable mentor regardless of the industry.  His leadership and management expertise surpasses industry and provides insight and challenges you to think for yourself and pave your own path into the future.

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"From his first professional engagement as an advisor to Governor of Illinois and throughout his almost fifty year consulting career Jeff has applied his keen intellect and academic grounding in sociology and public policy, serving as one of the nations leading consultants on delivery system, financing and healthcare business strategy. Having served in this capacity for major professional consulting services companies as well as in executive and private engagements for health care services organizations, health plans and biotechnology organizations, today Jeff is bringing the breadth and depth of his insights and experience to the policy debates on the future direction of the nation’s healthcare system. As he has throughout his career, Jeff doesn’t hesitate to challenge conventional thinking and pushes all participants in the healthcare ecosystem to look beyond their own self interest to serve the greater good.”
Tom Priselac
CEO Cedars Sinai Health System, Los Angeles, CA
“I have been occasionally needled, often engaged and always appreciative of Jeff Goldsmith’s unique, thoughtful perspectives on healthcare. While Jeff is wicked smart and often sees well beyond others, he breaks down complex, complicated notions about the future of healthcare for meaningful discourse. He is a gifted speaker and writer using data, relatable stories and appropriate humor to engage the audience.”
Nancy Agee
CEO, Carilion Clinic And Past Chair