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COVID Catastrophe

The COVID pandemic has struck American society like an asteroid as the worst infectious disease outbreak in a century. COVID has hammered the US health system, particularly the primary care and dental sectors. But it has also cost hospitals more than $200 billion in revenues, and created tremendous stress for a brave healthcare workforce. You can read Jeff Goldsmith commentary on the health system impact and how it should respond to the crisis here. He also discussed the challenges of re-opening hospitals in the face of continued pressure from the pandemic. Finally, you can read about the disgraceful failure not only of government leadership but also US citizens in responding to the crisis and how to learn from it.

Curing Physician Burnout

With a Guidehouse collegue, Dr. Chuck Peck, Jeff Goldsmith wrote in Medical Economics about the keys to solving the vexing problem of physician burnout, which has only been aggravated by COVID:

Seven for the Twenties

Back in January, Jeff Goldsmith posted a forecast of major changes the health system can expect in the decade of the 2020’s. While he did not predict the looming COVID crisis, he did warn of the potential dangers of drug resistant bacterial/fungal infections to hospital operations, as well as the threat of cyberterrorism. There are several reasons for optimism! Read his forecast for the decade, which still has 9.5 years to run.

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