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Digital Health Reckoning

With Advisory Board President Eric Larsen, Jeff Goldsmith laid out the root causes of the crash in digital health company valuations in 2021-22 and explored how customer needs will determine the size and shape of this promising field. It is wrong to think of digital health in isolation from the existing care system; it is not a new care system, but rather a force multiplier of the core relationships that are at the heart of medicine. What forces will govern the consolidation of the digital heatlh sector? May 9, 2022.

UnitedHealth Group: Anatomy of a Behemoth

On May 25, Jeff Goldsmith posted on Medium a detailed analysis of the business model and strategy of UnitedHealth Group, a $300 billion integrated health insurer. In addition to being the US largest health insurance enterprise, United has greater assets and earnings than Exxon Mobil. It is the also largest employer of physicians in the US, and second only to the British National Health Service in the world. Yet this vast enterprise, which is within reach of being 10% of total US health spending, is poorly understood and appreciated in the industry. May 23, 2022

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