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Trust is the Core of Medicine

Jeff Goldsmith argued in STAT First Opinion that the explosion in digital health offerings since COVID began has not altered one key aspect of US healthcare: the central role of trust in healthcare provision. Despite a proliferation of “virtual first” offerings by insurers and employers, trusted relationships between care providers and patients remains the core of the health system. The market for anonymous, “right now” transactions between patients and their cell phones/PCs is limited, and many “virtual first” care and health insurance offerings will founder on this reality. Digital health’s key potential is that of a “force multiplier” for the trusted relations that are the heart of medicine. January 12, 2022.

Cost Effectiveness in Healthcare

Jeff Goldsmith talked about the role of cost effectiveness in the management of health systems in an interview with Eric Reese of HFM, the lead publication of the Healthcare Financial Management Association. How should health care finance leaders factor cost effectiveness into their strategies? January 12, 2022

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