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US Health Systems Made a Big Difference during COVID

With long time colleague Ian Morrison, Jeff posted a commentary in the Health Affairs blog on the fight against COVID. Multi-hospital, integrated health systems made a decisive difference in defeating COVID 19. They were able to mobilize capital, technology and professionals at scale across affected regions of the US, saving many lives. They were among the only pieces of US infrastructure to deliver real results during the frustrating year 2020 and beyond. Ian and Jeff’s post urged reconsideration of the reflexive hostility by policymakers to health system consolidation, and urged aggressive measures to incorporate these systems into public health planning and efforts to reform the struggling rural health sector. Read their commentary.

Digital Health Frenzy: How to Avoid a Second TechLash

The past eighteen months of COVID have seen a multi-billion frenzy of new investment in telehealth and other digital health technologies. We have been here before. In the wake of the 2008 recession, there was similar, multi-billion dollar wave of policy innovation and investment in the electronic health record , which has been a major disappointment. If we are to avoid another disappointment, healthcare managers and professionals must insist on measurable returns on their digital health investment that patients and professionals notice. How to do this is discussed in this Healthcare Blog posting.

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