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Health System Financial Results: Scale Predicted Poor Performance

In collaboration with Navigant colleagues, Jeff Goldsmith authored an analysis of the financial performance of 103 large health systems in the US, which own roughly 44% of the nation’s hospitals. While almost two-thirds of these systems improved financial performance in 2018 (a 13% gain in earnings from 2017 to 2018) , a surprising finding was that the larger the health system (in revenues), the worse their financial performance from 2015 to 2018. Read "Health System expansion dented profitability, report finds" This flies in the face of conventional wisdom in the field that large health systems perform better than smaller ones, and suggests that the recent spate of healthcare mergers have created major management challenges for the combined enterprises.

What it Will Take for Health Systems to Achieve “Systemness”

This Modern Healthcare article in May, 2019 featured remarks by Jeff Goldsmith about how health systems can actually deliver on their promises of improved care and greater value. This piece followed Jeff Goldsmith’s January, 2019 posting in the Harvard Business Review online about what defines a health system.

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