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What A Health System Is- and Isn’t.

On Jan 24, 2019 Jeff Goldsmith posted an online article in the Harvard Business Review on what makes a health system an actual “system”. This term is grossly overused in health care delivery. The key to “system-ness” is consistent and effective management- motivating and guiding clinical care, delivering measurable value to patients and affirmatively controlling the delivered cost of care. Read "What a Health System Is and Isn't" This is Jeff’s sixth posting in HBR Online in the past fifteen months.

The Disruption Distraction.

For the past twenty years, Clayton Christiansen’s thesis on “disruptive innovation” has dominated corporate strategy, both in healthcare and in the broader economy. In this essay, Jeff Goldsmith argues that this concept, overturning entire industries with creative entrepreneurship, has reached its “sell by” date, and is responsible for the poor returns in venture and private equity investing over the past decade, as well as a dearth of real innovation.Read "The Disruption Distraction"

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