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Jeff Goldsmith interviewed by Dan Diamond for POLITICO's PULSE Check

Around Thanksgiving, Jeff Goldsmith sat down with Dan Diamond, Editor of POLITICO’s PULSE blog to talk about the state of the industry, the Trump health policy cycle and how the health care industry is changing. It was a lively and interesting interview. Listen to this podcast

Jeff Goldsmith Returns to Harvard Business Review

This fall, Jeff Goldsmith posted two articles on the Harvard Business Review blog on the financial challenges of the hospital industry. On October 5, he addressed the sharp decline in operating income of leading health systems in the US and discussed how to reverse the industry’s negative performance with better strategic focus and operational discipline: https://hbr.org/2017/10/how-u-s-hospitals-and-health-systems-can-reverse-their-sliding-financial-performance. Then on November 10, with colleague Rich Bajner from Navigant, Jeff addressed the specific problem of massive losses incurred by hospitals in treating Medicare patients, what was causing those losses and what hospitals could do about them: https://hbr.org/2017/11/5-ways-u-s-hospitals-can-respond-to-medicares-mounting-costs. Jeff is no stranger to the Harvard Business review, having published six articles in this journal from 1979 onward, as well as several blog postings.

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