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Trump’s Election Shakes Healthcare Industry

The election of Donald Trump poses myriad uncertainties for the $3.4 trillion US health system. Trump committed during his campaign to “repeal and replace” ObamaCare, which provided health coverage to twenty million formerly uninsured Americans, and over a hundred billion in new funding to hospitals, physicians and other caregivers. Though there is broad Republican consensus on “repeal”, there is no obvious roadmap to a replacement, and no agreement among Republican Congressional policymakers about its shape. These new uncertainties pose major strategic challenges to health systems and caregivers. What to expect from the new Administration and how to respond to the uncertainties is the topic of a new talk.

Goldsmith and Jost To Write New Book on Healthcare 2020 for Johns Hopkins U Press

In December, 2016, Jeff Goldsmith and Timothy Jost agreed with Johns Hopkins University Press on a new book entitled provisionally Healthcare 2020 on the health policy agenda for the 2020s. Tim Jost is former Robert Willett Family Professor of Law at Washington and Lee University, an expert in health insurance regulation and perhaps the foremost legal expert on the Affordable Care Act’s provisions. With the Trump commitment to dismantle the Act, a new chapter in the nation’s health policy saga is just beginning. Yet both liberal and conservative health policy frameworks are decades old, and do not adequately reflect the realities of an aging population, a rising percentage of health problems attributable to social causes and the marked generational transition taking place in medicine itself, let alone the technological revolution shaking medicine. If we were starting fresh, what would the nation’s health policy agenda look like in 2020, and how do we get better value from the $3.4 trillion the US spends every year on healthcare?

Goldsmith Becomes National Advisor to Navigant Healthcare

On April 1, Jeff Goldsmith became National Advisor to the Healthcare Consulting practice of Navigant Consulting, a nearly billion dollar diversified consulting firm based in Chicago.
He will be helping Navigant by providing thought leadership in healthcare, and advising the practice on the likely future needs of Navigant clients.

In the press release announcing his new role, Goldsmith said, "I've been around the healthcare consulting world for decades and have never seen so many practical solutions and so much talent in a single firm in my career. Many senior members of Navigant's healthcare practice are longstanding and respected colleagues and it will be wonderful to work with them."

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