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Goldsmith Urges Broader View of Health Cost’s Causes

In Health Affairs blog in October, Jeff Goldsmith takes on two warring political narratives that have explained health cost growth and influenced policy, including the 2010 Affordable Care Act. Conservatives blame patients; progressives blame providers. Both narratives find moral failure at the root of cost growth, and propose remedies that reduce doctors and patients to mere economic actors. In reality, the causes of health cost are far broader, and to attack them in a meaningful way is going to require nothing less than changing the society itself.

Goldsmith Appears on NPR’s On Point to Discuss the Affordable Care Act Year III

On November 3, Jeff Goldsmith appeared on NPR’s popular call-in feature OnPoint to discuss the rolling out of year 3 of open enrollment of the Affordable Care Act, as well as the broader impacts of President Obama’s signature health reforms. He shared the program with long time friend Julie Rovner of Kaiser Health News and Tom Miller of the American Enterprise Institute. http://onpoint.wbur.org/2015/11/03/obamacare-affordable-care-act-enrollment

What If the Crowd is Wrong?

Jeff Goldsmith has created a new presentation which asks “What If the Crowd is Wrong” about the future of healthcare.
“Everyone knows” that fee-for-service payment is on its way out and will be replaced by population based (e.g. capitated) payment to hospitals, physician groups and integrated systems. “Everyone knows” that the care system will have to shift from treatment to prevention to cope with this payment change. “Everyone knows” that integrated delivery systems (IDN’s). which wrap large salaried physician practices together with hospitals and post-acute care into an insurance product is the future of healthcare organization. “Everyone knows” that disruptive technologies will undermine the current business models of hospitals and physicians, forcing transformative change.

BUT. . . what if the crowd is wrong? This provocative talk is stirring controversy, and encouraging major health system actors to reconsider their strategies. Jeff Goldsmith examines six debatable propositions about the future of healthcare and explores how things might turn out differently. Suppose these things don’t unfold as predicted. How does this change clinical and management strategy?

Jeff Goldsmith Presents on Future of Healthcare at Middle East Technology Summit

Jeff Goldsmith will be keynoting Nuviun’s first Annual Digital Health Live Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on May 5. His talk will explore the shape of the health system in 2030 and how emerging economies and health systems might actually leapfrog the United States and take advantage of new ways to improve care and reduce cost.

Jeff Goldsmith on the Post Reform Insurance Market

Outgoing editor of Managed Care magazine, John Marcille, interviewed Jeff Goldsmith on how the health insurance and care system are responding to health reform in the March, 2015 issue. The wide ranging interview covered the political challenges to the Affordable Care Act, how the ACA has affected the health insurance industry, what's happening in the physician community as the boomer docs retire and the course of payment reform. Read this interesting interview: http://www.managedcaremag.com/archives/2014/12/conversation-jeff-goldsmith-phd-finding-success-change

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